The Walking Dead: 400 Days guide: Convincing everyone to join Tavia

[Contains spoilers] This guide will show you how to convince everyone to join Tavia at the end of "The Walking Dead: 400 Days " . In each character's chapter, there is an option which affects the character's decision of joining Tavia .


Either Wyatt or Eddie has to check the guy after hitting him while being chased by an unknown man. You have to stay in the car and leave Eddie behind as this will give Wyatt a reason to join Tavia.
When Eddie suggests playing rock-paper-scissors to decide who will check the body, refuse. As this will make Eddie go and check the body himself.
Or you can accept and play rock-paper-scissors, but you have to win. Losing will result Eddie leaving Wyatt behind and that is not the option you are looking for.


When Vince is in the police bus, you will have to cut either Justin or Danny's ankle in order to take the chain off. Shoot Danny's ankle.
Running away with Justin [Shooting Danny's ankle] will teach Vince that shelters are important, while running away with Danny [Shooting Justin's ankle] will teach him not to trust anyone as this will affect his trust towards Tavia resulting not going with her.


At the end of Russell's chapter, you have two options; either join Nate or leaving him. Leaving him will make Russell more likely to join Tavia. But this is largely affected by the way Tavia convinces him.


Killing or freeing the stranger will not affect Shel's decision; killing Stephanie will.
When you talk to Becca, take the keys and drive the RV away. As Becca mentions, Roman will hunt them down. This will give Shel a reason to join Tavia.


Bonnie is the last one because she will be the first one to join Tavia; no matter what your choices were. You can lie to Leland about Dee's death or tell him the truth. You can also leave him to die.
None of the choices above will affect her decision.


In her chapter, you will have to recruit as much members from the camp as possible. The way which Tavia convinces  them with is important, as well as your previous choices for each character.
Choose the options as below:
"I followed the smoke" or "I found your notes"
"What would you have me do to convince you?" [This one is important to convince Russell]
"You outnumber me"
"You might find people you know" [This one is also important to convince Russell]
"I give you my word"
As you may see, Russell becomes nervous when Tavia comes. Regardless your previous choice [Leaving Nate], he won't join Tavia unless she says "You might find people you know" as this will give him hope to find his family.

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