[PC] Miranda's skin tone - Mass Effect


How to:

Download this package.



Mediafire / (23.02 MB)


The package contains: Gibbed's MassEffect2 SaveEditor, Ruby, NotePad++, Texmod and its files.


Back up your COALESCED and your save files before proceeding



#1- Getting the skin tone:

From the package, launch Gibbed.MassEffect2.SaveEdit.exe from Gibbed's MassEffect2 SaveEditor

In order to open your save file, click on the folder icon on the upper left, another window will show up asking you to choose the folder in which your saved game is, select the folder, then you will now be able to see the save files, select the one you want to edit.

To get the skin tone click on Raw tab, from 2.squad select player, then appearance, after that morph head, and vector parameters.

You will now be able to see the skin tone field in the second line.

Click on it, then enter the following values:

A 1

B 0.2759729

G 0.5592241

R 0.9999999

Then click OK, now you'll need to save the adjustment you've made on the save file, to do that click on the floppy disk icon on the upper left and select the exact save file you just edited then exit the save editor.

The tutorial ends here for Mass Effect 3, as Miranda's outfit doesn't work properly on ME3.



#2 - Getting the outfit [ME2 Only] :

First of all, you'll need to edit your Coalesced.ini in order to have Miranda's outfit for your female Shepard, to do so:

1- Install Notepad++

2- Open your Coalesced.ini located in the "BioGame" folder where you installed your game.

3- Add the following codes:

To [SFXGame.SFXPawn_Player]

HelmetAppearances=(Id=#,Type=CustomizableType_Helmet,GameEffects=("SFXGame.SFXGameEffect_Gear_N7Helmet"),PlotFlag=-1)ShoulderAppearances=(Id=#,Type=CustomizableType_Shoulders,GameEffects=("SFXGame.SFXGameEffect_Gear_N7Shoulders"),PlotFlag=-1) ArmAppearances=(Id=#,Type=CustomizableType_Arms,GameEffects=("SFXGame.SFXGameEffect_Gear_N7Arms"),PlotFlag=-1)



To [SFXGame.SFXPawn_Player]


TorsoAppearances=(Id=1073,Type=CustomizableType_Torso,Mesh= Male="BIOG_HMF_MIR_LGT_R.LGTa.HMF_MIR_LGTa_MDL",Female ="BIOG_HMF_MIR_LGT_R.LGTa.HMF_MIR_LGTa_MDL"),PlotFlag=-1)


In [SFXGameModeDefault] section, add the following:

Bindings=( Name="NumPadOne" ,Command="OnlyLoadLevel BioD_Nor_000Cabin | OnTap 2.0 showmenu | OnTap 3.0 OpenGUI Personalization" )


Finally, add the following to [SFXGameModeBase] & [SFXGameModeDefault]

Bindings=( Name="NumPadFive", Command="Onlyloadlevel BioH_vixen_00 | Onlyloadlevel BioD_EndGm1_110ROMMirranda")


4- Save your Coalesced.ini and exit Notepad++.

* You'll be able to recall the outfit by pressing NumPadOne at first then NumPadFive, make sure to move all the sliders to the right then to the left in order to get the full appearance.


You can always change the binding key to any other one you like.


Now your Coalesced.ini is not ready to be used in the game yet, you'll need to run a fixer "Ruby".

1- Run the rubyinstaller

2- Extract CoalescedrealCRC to the same directory where your Coalesced.ini is located, and run it.

It won't take a long until another Coalesced.ini shows up with the name Fix_Coalesced.ini.

3- Delete Coalesced.ini and rename Fix_Coalesced.ini toCoalesced.ini


Now that you have the outfit, we'll move on to the next step.



#3- Removing the neck clipping [ME2 Only]:

Now that you have the outfit and the skin tone, it's time to remove the neck clipping that occurs when you apply Miranda's outfit on FemShep.

From the package; move the mod folder to desktop, then select texmod.exe and open it.

Click on the folder icon and select Masseffect2.exe located in the Binaries folder from the install directory.

Another folder icon will show up .

Click on it and select the mod CerberusShepard.tpf -only- from the mods folder you just moved to desktop.


This mod will give you only the black outfit. To get the white outfit without visible neck clipping you'll have to do an extra step.

From the package; move the mod folder to desktop, then select texmod.exe and open it,

Click on the folder icon and select Masseffect2.exe located in the Binaries folder from the install directory.

Another folder icon will show up, click on it and select at first the mod BBWI.tpf from the mods folder you just moved to desktop.

Then click on the folder icon again and select the mod CerberusShepard.tpf.


- Make sure that the mod BBWI is above CerberusShepard.

- The mod BBWI also changes the texture of the Normandy floor and adds texture to Shepard's bed.

If you are certain on which outfit you would like your Shepard to wear, click on Run to start the game.

- You will have to use the texmod every time you want to play Mass Effect 2 because the effect of the texmod is not permanent.

- I don't own the followings, all the credits go to the creators of:

Gibbed's MassEffect2 SaveEditor, Texmod, Ruby, Notepad++, CerberusShepard.tpf Mod.

-Miranda's outfit How-to was originally created on Bioware's topic Modding is possible.




Screenshots from Mass Effect 2 and 3 using the tone. For Mass Effect 3, it can be great to use with modded default FemShep face texture as seen in the second shot.

ENB was used in both shots.

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