Mass Effect 3 - Remove the helmet from the Ajax armour tutorial

This is a simple tutorial to show you how to deactivate the Ajax amour helmet at any time during the game.

You will need:

- You'll need to have the DLC installed, otherwise this will not work for you.
-ME3Coalesced [editor], you can download it here:


Back up your Coalesced file before editing.

How to:

Open the ME3Coalesced, select "file" > "open" > locate your Coalesced file.
It should be in Mass Effect/BIOGame/CookedPCConsole folder.
Select Biogame.ini then sfxgame.
Scroll down until you find the sfxplayercustomization section.
At this point you need to pay a close attention to the instruction because the Coalesced file is very sensitive and any wrong move could harm your game.
Select the fullybodyapperance section. At the bottom, add these lines:
Don’t add any extra line even if it were empty, if you by mistake added a line, you can deleted it by clicking the right mouse button and select delete value
Now, to the helmet.
Select the fullbodyhelmetappearance and add this line at the buttom:
Save your changes by clicking on file from the top bar.
And that's it.
You may also want to check these texmods:


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